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Oriental rugs are stunning, often handmade, works of art and should be displayed proudly in your home or office. However, this often means they are also being exposed to a wide range of potentially harmful environmental and everyday hazards. Even if your rug has been stored away for some time, it may unintentionally become subjected to varying degrees of damage from numerous sources. The most common sources of damage that necessitate a rug repair include:

  • Moths, carpet beetles and other insects
  • Fire or flood damage
  • Unraveling from heavy foot traffic
  • Sun damage
  • Dry rot, mold and mildew

Your handmade antique or expensive contemporary rug is worth saving. At Ahdoot, our rug repair specialists are highly trained and experienced in returning your prized carpet back to its former state, providing an unparalleled expertise in Oriental rug restoration and repair. Regardless of your antique rug’s current condition or the extent of the damage, Ahdoot’s repair professionals can breathe new life into your cherished handmade rug, and stop any future problems in their tracks.

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If you’ve considered repairing your Oriental or Persian rug, it is likely your carpet holds a great deal of value, either as a one-of-a-kind collectible or as an investment. As such, it’s important to ensure your handmade Oriental, Persian or Turkish carpet is going to receive the same kind of treatment it had when it was originally produced by its artist. Not only does this guarantee your repaired rug will increase in both aesthetic and investment value, but it also makes certain that your rug’s repair stays true to its unique character, using the same knots-per-inch, dyes and weaving techniques as the original.

By seamlessly recreating and restoring the damaged areas of your contemporary or antique rug, you are effectively increasing the value of your carpet, and making sure it retains its value for a longer period of time. When you bring your Oriental rug into Ahdoot, we assist you by weighing the cost of the repair against the value of the rug. Most times, rug repair is worth the time and effort involved, and if caught early enough, will only add more value to the rug than the total cost of the repair.


Ahdoot has been the trusted provider of Oriental and Persian rug repairs for over 40 years, assisting thousands of satisfied customers in NYC, NJ and the surrounding areas. At Ahdoot, our repair specialists are weaving artists themselves, and have been masterfully trained in precisely duplicating the knotting and weaving techniques, as well as the natural colors and materials utilized in your rug.

Since 1976, we have specialized in everything from reweaving an antique carpet’s warp and weft to restoring the edges and fringes of your Oriental rug to give it an indistinguishable and astonishing renewal. Additionally, we also provide services that include reviving your carpet’s color and correcting color bleeding, rug stretching and treating your carpet’s wool to deter moths and other pests. When it comes to something as important as your precious handmade rug, you can depend on an expert like Ahdoot with your Oriental rug repair or restoration.