Persian & Oriental Rug Repair in New York, New Jersey, Miami & Beyond

Ahdoot Oriental Rugs can restore your Persian rug to its original condition.

  • Ahdoot Oriental Rug’s experts only use natural dyes to restore your Oriental, Persian or Turkish rug’s splendor.
  • Every loose or missing weave will be seamlessly replenished with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Our Oriental rug care and repair specialists are skilled in every weaving style and material available in handmade rugs.

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Persian Rug Repair Improves Antique Oriental Rug Value & Appeal

For a beautiful rug and allergen-free home, enlist the help of professional Oriental rug repair services like Ahdoot Oriental Rugs to bring your carpet back to life.

Restore your pristine Oriental rug to its previous condition when you work with top-quality Persian rug repair services. Every loose fiber, weave and stitch can easily be restored thanks to our experienced Oriental rug care specialists.

If you’ve considered rug repairing for your Oriental or Persian rug, it’s likely your carpet holds a great deal of value, either as a one-of-a-kind collectible or as an investment.

As such, it’s important to ensure your handmade Oriental, Persian or Turkish carpet is going to receive the same kind of treatment it had when it was originally produced by its artist.

Not only does this guarantee your repaired rug will increase in both aesthetic and investment value, but it also makes certain that your rug’s repair stays true to its unique character, using the same knots-per-inch, dyes and weaving techniques as the original.

By seamlessly re-creating and restoring the damaged areas of your contemporary or antique rug, you are effectively increasing the value of your carpet, and making sure it retains its value for a longer period of time.

When you bring your Oriental rug into Ahdoot, we assist you by weighing the cost of the rug restoration against the value of the rug.

Most times, rug repair is worth the time and effort involved, and if caught early enough, will only add more value to the rug than the total cost of the repair.

Protect the value of your Persian and Oriental rugs when you enlist the help of Ahdoot’s rug restoration services.

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What Types Of Damage Occur To Antique Oriental Rugs?

There are generally a few main types of damage to Persian rugs. All of these can be fixed with the help of a professional Oriental rug repair service.

This damage includes:

  • Fringe Breakage

    Sometimes, entire chunks of fringe can be missing. Other times, the fringe on one side is longer than the other. This can be fixed by a professional Oriental rug restoration expert.

  • Holes

    Holes can occur from insect damage. They can also be a result of excess wear and tear. This type of damage can also be fixed.

  • Loose Fibers

    Loose fibers occur when there is excess traffic on a given portion of the rug. It can also be the result of scratching pets. But this is also a relatively easy fix for pros.

How Oriental Rug Experts Perform Antique Rug Restoration

As professional Oriental rug repair experts for New York City, New Jersey, Miami and beyond, Ahdoot Oriental Rugs is able to fix your antique Persian rug by either adding new pieces, sewing seams back together or removing deteriorated pieces to save the majority of a rug from completely disintegrating.

To repair your Oriental or Persian rug, contact Ahdoot Oriental Rugs or call us at 212-290-8484.

What Are The Most Common Sources Of Damage To Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs are stunning, often handmade, works of art and should be displayed proudly in your home or office.

However, this often means they are also being exposed to a wide range of potentially harmful environmental and everyday hazards. Even if your rug has been stored away for some time, it may unintentionally become subjected to varying degrees of damage from numerous sources.

The most common sources of damage that necessitate an antique rug repair include:

  • Moths, carpet beetles and other insects.
  • Fire or flood damage.
  • Unraveling from heavy foot traffic.
  • Sun damage.
  • Dry rot, mold and mildew.

Your handmade antique or expensive contemporary rug is worth saving.

Ahdoot Oriental Rugs New York, New Jersey and Florida Persian rug restoration specialists are highly trained and experienced in returning your prized carpet back to its former state, providing unparalleled expertise in Oriental rug restoration and repair.

Regardless of your antique rug’s current condition or the extent of the damage, Ahdoot’s antique rug restoration professionals can breathe new life into your cherished handmade rug, and stop any future problems in their tracks.

How Do You Repair An Oriental Rug?

It can be extremely difficult to try and repair an Oriental rug yourself. That’s why it’s imperative that you seek out a professional Oriental rug care and antique rug restoration company that can fix your delicate Persian rug and not do any extensive damage.

Rug damage can occur in a multitude of ways. It can show in broken fringe, loose fibers, faded dyes and more.

But regardless of the type of damage, it’s important that you take action immediately. Leaving a damaged rug unfixed can lead to even more damage that might make it even harder to repair your Oriental rug.

Can You Repair A Persian Rug At Home?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to repair an Oriental rug at home. Even the smallest of fixes like broken fringe and loose fibers require expert hands to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse.

The best thing you can do as a Persian Oriental rug owner is to maintain good Oriental rug car, be proactive and take a Persian rug in to be fixed at the first sign of damage. You can find Oriental rug repair services in New York, New Jersey and Florida in and around big cities like NYC, Newark and Miami.

Can A Moth-Eaten Oriental Rug Be Repaired?

Moth damage is extremely common in Oriental rugs — especially those that are older and have been passed down.

Moths eat wool. That’s good news for Persian rug owners as most rugs have a cotton base. That being said, the dyed wool that makes up much of the intricate detailing is the perfect food for hungry moths. Therefore, it is easy for these pesky critters to make a snack out of your Oriental carpet.

At the same time, because the foundation remains intact, it’s possible to fix an Oriental rug that has been damaged by moths.

If the base of your rug is wool, then the fix will be harder. But antique rug repair is still possible.

To prevent further damage to your antique Oriental rugs, keep your rugs clean, vacuumed and moisture-free.

How Much Does An Oriental Rug Repair Cost?

Oriental rug repair costs are largely based on square footage.

Depending on the age, craftsmanship, materials and condition, Persian rug repair costs range from $1 to $5 per square foot.

That means that antique rug restorations can run anywhere from $100 to $500.

In other cases, however, Persian rug restoration costs are broken down by the hours worked. In this scenario, some of the best Oriental rug repair services cost between $30 and $50 an hour.

Where Can You Repair An Oriental Rug?

You can find an Oriental rug repair service almost anywhere. But throughout your search, make sure you check and see if the Oriental rug car technicians employed have undergone specific rug restoration technical training.

They need to be certified antique rug repair professionals, understanding what it takes to handle and care for these antique Oriental rugs.

Quality Persian rug restoration certifications include the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Carpet And Rug Institute (CRI).

And Ahdoot Oriental Rugs offers certified Oriental rug repair services to the NY, NJ and Miami, Florida areas!

How Long Do Antique Persian Rugs Last?

The life of an Oriental rug is highly dependant on how the carpet is taken care of.

Some of the world’s oldest Persian rugs are hundreds of years old. Obviously, however, these rugs aren’t being used regularly.

It’s safe to say that if maintained properly, an Oriental rug can be used for around a century. This means that the rug needs to be cleaned regularly, repaired immediately and properly taken care of.

These rugs are resilient, yes. But they require maintenance, care, and proper Persian rug restoration.

How Do You Store Oriental Rugs?

When your rug isn’t out on display or in use, it’s important to keep your Oriental rug stored in a safe place.

Before putting your rug away, make sure it’s thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned — this ensures all dust, debris and foreign materials are gone.

Then, you have to make sure your Oriental rug is dry.

It’s also important that you spray your Oriental rug with insect repellent. Moths love wool, as we’ve said, and you don’t want to lose your Persian rug to hungry insects — especially if your Persian rug is comprised of wool.

From here, you should roll your Oriental rug tightly and store it on a shelf off of the floor.

This limits the possibility that your rug will fall victim to hungry pests, dirt, debris and more that can damage your carpet.

When Is An Oriental Rug Beyond Repair?

Unfortunately, there are some damages that are impossible to repair.

Large, gaping holes with missing pieces are difficult for antique rug restoration professionals to repair because it is almost impossible to match a new piece of fabric to the existing rug.

Similarly, jagged, uneven tears are difficult to repair because there isn’t a real way to combine the two pieces again without completely reconstructing the carpet.

That being said, even a rug that is beyond repair shouldn’t be thrown out. Even damaged carpets can be worth a lot of money.

These carpets can also be repurposed into other items like pillows, wall hanging and more.

Don’t let your antique Oriental rug fall to pieces. The Ahdoot Persian rug repair team in NY, NJ and Miami can give your home a healthier look and feel.

Plus, Ahdoot Oriental Rugs also buys and sells antique Persian rugs.

Ahdoot Oriental Rugs Provides Exceptional Oriental Rug Repair Services In New York City, New Jersey, Florida & Beyond

Ahdoot has been the trusted provider of Oriental rug restoration and Persian rug repairs for over 40 years, assisting thousands of satisfied customers in NYC, NJ, Miami and the surrounding areas.

At Ahdoot, our rug restoration specialists are weaving artists themselves, and have been masterfully trained in precisely duplicating the knotting and weaving techniques, as well as the natural colors and materials utilized in your rug.

Since 1976, we have specialized in everything from reweaving an antique carpet’s warp and weft to restoring the edges and fringes of your Oriental rug to give it an indistinguishable and astonishing renewal.

Additionally, Ahdoot Oriental Rugs also provides rug restoration services in NY, NJ and Miami that include reviving your carpet’s color and correcting color bleeding, rug stretching and treating your carpet’s wool to deter moths and other pests.

Ahdoot Oriental Rugs is a prestigious Oriental rug restoration company that offers a number of related Persian rug services to help with all of your needs.

These services include:

When it comes to something as important as your precious handmade rug, you can depend on Ahdoot Oriental Rugs for your Oriental rug repair or restoration.

To repair your Oriental or Persian rug, contact Ahdoot Oriental Rugs or call us at 212-290-8484.