How to Keep a Clean Rug During the Holiday Season

by John Ahdoot 12/13/16

If you own an Oriental rug and you’re planning on having guests over for the holiday season, chances are your carpet will get exposed to more spills, foot traffic and dust than at any other time of the year.

Yet with just a little preparation, and the right information on caring for your rug after your guests have returned home, your rug can maintain its beauty while still being the centerpiece of your holiday gatherings.

Below you’ll find our recommendations on keeping your rug clean during the holiday season and for every moment in between your semi-annual professional rug cleaning.

best vacuum for cleaning rug

Vacuum Regularly

Handmade Oriental rugs are typically made from such natural materials as wool, cotton and silk, which help soak up colors in the dyeing process, but also make them susceptible to the accumulation of dirt and dust. Because of this, it’s important to vacuum your rug frequently to avoid excessive buildup that could damage the fibers and take away from your rug’s look.

Using the proper vacuum for your rug, however, is just as vital as making sure it receives a regular cleaning. If you need help, our blog post on The Best Vacuums for Cleaning Your Oriental Rug will help you decide on the type of cleaner you should be using for your particular rug.

spill on rug

Treat Spills Early

Whether you have one holiday guest or you’re hosting a large holiday party, taking care of rug spills as early as possible will keep your rug looking great through the holiday season and beyond. Yet, just like vacuuming, knowing how and when to treat spills is important, so here are some tips on taking care of everything from cranberry sauce and egg nog to holiday punch and fudge.

First, remember that when it comes to cleaning up spills on your rug, earlier is always better. Once you get started however, be sure to use dabbing or blotting motions on the spill rather than rubbing it into the carpet. Not only will this pull most of the spill out of the rug, but it will also keep you from dissolving the rug’s dyes or ruining its materials in the process.

If a stain is still showing after this kind of treatment, using a bit of cold water on the area will also help bring out the spill before it becomes a permanent stain—just remember to always blot the area instead of wiping.

Oriental Rugs

Use a Rug Protectant

Handmade rugs are a precious investment for many owners, so we’ll often recommend using a rug protectant to keep them looking their absolute best. However, using the right type of protectant is important, as the fibers in Oriental, Persian and Turkish rugs can, at times, become damaged by products that are designed for synthetic materials.

When you begin your search for a rug protectant, look for products that are made specifically for the types of materials used in your rug, namely wool, cotton and/or silk. Then, ensure that the product you choose is also safe for natural dyes to avoid color leeching or a muting of your rug’s palette in any one area. For the best results, apply your rug protectant after your rug has been cleaned by a professional, or we can even apply the protectant for you.

If you’d like more cleaning recommendations or want to schedule a rug cleaning with our experts, please contact us directly for more information. And from everyone at Ahdoot Oriental Rugs, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holidays!